Hello world!

Hello and Welcome to my Blog! I hope you enjoy what you read. I would love you comments and feedback, and recommendations on blogs, and posts to read and follow.

My Blog is firstly and mostly for me as a hobby,

to document and share my life and experiences

to learn and reflect

to plan

to give me inspiration and motivation to create a learning environment.

My new Philosophy is that if my day isn’t worth writing about, then what a waste of a day.

At the moment I am playing around and finding my feet so until I get into the swing of things I am writing to a Schedule (see below). If anyone has any tips and advice I would love to hear from you.

Check out my Contact Me section for getting in touch and follow me on Twitter @d_tired_mummy or Instagram Vjmummy

My Blog Schedule and Plan

Monday: Children’s Activity Ideas

Tuesday:  Me and My Children

Wednesday: Slimming World – Weigh In Update

Thursday: This Weeks Bedtime Stories.

Friday: (Nothing I work Friday’s 8-8)

Saturday: Lifestyle and Beauty

Sunday: My Slimming World – My Food Diary.


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