A bad nights sleep = one cranky colleague

So last night I had one of the worst nights sleep I had in a long time. Ava woke up screaming the house down, think it was a bad dream, she settled back down when I picked her up but refused to be put back down. Ava loves her bed, she has even started to appreciate her sleep, so this is unusual.

I had a 12 hour shift to look forward to today, so I did a bad thing. I brought the little madam into bed with me, just to get some shut eye! Only problem was…

When ava gets comfy and snuggles up to me she likes to put her hands down my top between my boobs. I love that she does this.its our own unique way of bonding….until she starts nipping my boobs squashing them in her hands and twisting my nipples between her little tiny fingers.

At 3am Ava was flat out asleep, Oliver had sneaked into bed with me, I had a little foot in my back, a little hand down my top, two little people snoring and whimpering in my ears. I had no room to reposition myself. So I attempted to put Ava back into her cot.

Nope did not happen.

Again she woke up screaming, I was ready to cry from tiredness and the thought of the 12 hour shift. Again I brought my little lady back into bed, she tossed, she turned, she nipped, she twisted, she tried to prize my eyes open, she tried to tickle me!

At 5.30 I begged, “it’s an hour until I have to get up, PLEASE let me have an hour?! and the little monkey gave it me.

All I can say is it’s a good job I love you little lady!

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