Outfits of the Day x


Top £5

Skirt £3  Both from Nutmeg.

T-shirt £2.50

Shorts (came in a pack of two) £5 for both.

Both from Nutmeg 


Food Diary – Week 1

I had an amazing weigh in this week with. 4.5ib loss, and this is how I did it…

Day 1

Healthy Extras

a) 350ml skimmed milk

b) 35g Branflakes

First Thing

Pint of Water, Banana, Coffee, Green Tea.


Branflakes, Green Tea


Shortbread Biscuit = 5 Syns


Spring Onion, Mushroom Omelette, Fry Lite

1 tbsp 70% less fat salad cream = 1 syn


SW Burger – 5% mince, onion, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, chilli powder, bacon, rocket salad,

60g wholemeal bread roll = 6 syns

Strawberries and fat free Greek style yoghurt.

12 Syns.

Day 2

Healthy Extras

a) 350ml Skimmed Milk

b) 35g Shreddies

First Thing 

Pint of Water


Shreddies, Banana, Strawberries and fat free Greek style yoghurt.


2x Bacon, 2x Eggs, 2x Tomatoes, Beans, Mushrooms




Carvary – Turkey, Stuffing (3syns), 2x roast potatoes (2.5 syns), carrots, cabbage, cranberry sauce (1syn) mint gravy (2.5 syns).

Strawberries, sweetener, fat free Greek style yoghurt.

9.5 Syns

Day 3

Healthy Extras

A) 350ml Skimmed Milk

B) 35g Shreddies


Shreddies, Banana, water and coffee.




Tinned Salmon, Wholemeal Bread Roll (6syns), Peppers


Ratatouille – Aubergine, Courgette, Pepper, Tomatoes, Onion, Garlic, Passata, Pasta

Ice Cream (9Syns)

Strawberries and Fat Free Greek Style Yoghurt

15 Syns

Day 4

Healthy Extras

a) 350ml Skimmed Milk



Apple and Banana


Jacket Potato, Tuna and Salad Cream (2syns)


Mint Imperials x 15 (15syns)

Mushy Peas

Handful of Chips

Fish with Batter taken off


Chicken Salad, rocket, lettuce, onion, pepper, cucumber, tomatoes

Strawberries and fat free Greek style yoghurt.

17 Syns

Day 5

Healthy Extras

a) 350 ml skimmed milk

b) 60g Wholemeal Bread Roll

First Thing

Pint of Water







Tuna Mayo Sweetcorn (3Syns)

60g wholemeal bread roll





Poached Chicken

Chicken Stock


SW Chips

Fry Lite

Mushy Peas

3.5 Syns

Day 6

Healthy Extras

a) 350 ml Skimmed Milk

b) 35g Shreddies


Shreddies, Banana


Bacon, 2x eggs, 3x tomatoes


A tomato

jacobs mini cheddars 25g (6syns)


Pasta Carbonara

bacon, pasta, garlic, milk, mix (3.5 syns), salad.

9.5 Syns

A bad nights sleep = one cranky colleague

So last night I had one of the worst nights sleep I had in a long time. Ava woke up screaming the house down, think it was a bad dream, she settled back down when I picked her up but refused to be put back down. Ava loves her bed, she has even started to appreciate her sleep, so this is unusual.

I had a 12 hour shift to look forward to today, so I did a bad thing. I brought the little madam into bed with me, just to get some shut eye! Only problem was…

When ava gets comfy and snuggles up to me she likes to put her hands down my top between my boobs. I love that she does this.its our own unique way of bonding….until she starts nipping my boobs squashing them in her hands and twisting my nipples between her little tiny fingers.

At 3am Ava was flat out asleep, Oliver had sneaked into bed with me, I had a little foot in my back, a little hand down my top, two little people snoring and whimpering in my ears. I had no room to reposition myself. So I attempted to put Ava back into her cot.

Nope did not happen.

Again she woke up screaming, I was ready to cry from tiredness and the thought of the 12 hour shift. Again I brought my little lady back into bed, she tossed, she turned, she nipped, she twisted, she tried to prize my eyes open, she tried to tickle me!

At 5.30 I begged, “it’s an hour until I have to get up, PLEASE let me have an hour?! and the little monkey gave it me.

All I can say is it’s a good job I love you little lady!

Do you know what your doing ma’am?

I don’t know what I am doing….

I hold my hands up.

but do you?

If you do, you are a better mother than me.

When my son wants to run away from me in the street,

When he is pulling his sisters hair and won’t let go.

When my daughter won’t go in her pram and my son goes on strike and won’t stand up in the middle of the street.

I don’t know how to handle the situation.

* I try to stay calm

* I try to explain

* I try to reason with him

* I try to distract him

* And I admit I even try to bribe him with sweets.

While inside I am holding back the tears of frustration, biting my lip to stop me from shouting. I can feel the eyes staring at me. I can hear the tuts of disapproval, and feel the eyes rolling behind my back and hear the giggles, and all I want to say is…

Are you the perfect mother?

Do you have the perfect child?

If so write a bloody Instruction Manual, someone, please. I beg you.

Bedtime Stories – What we are reading this week!

My kids are huge fans of The Gruffalo, and The Gruffalos Child. These are probably their all time favourites. I love all the books that the creators, Julia Donaldson  and Axel Scheffler have produced. They are so easy to read to kids, they have great stories and lovable characters. My all time favourite is The Snail and The Whale.

This week I have treated us all to two more of these brilliant books, Room on the Broom, and A Squash and a Squeeze. These will feature as our bedtime stories for the next week or so, as we all love them.

Good Night


Us x

Sponge Cake Recipe



115g Butter

115g Sugar

2 Eggs

115g Self Raising Flour

Few Drops of Vanilla Flavouring


225g Icing Sugar

85g Butter

1tbsp Milk


Preheat Oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

Rub the butter and sugar together,

Add the egg, flour and flavouring and mix together.

Put in a baking tray and spread evenly.

Put in oven and bake for 15-20 mins.

Allow to cool and decorate….

...the way I decorated was with smooth jam and buttercream icing

mix the butter, icing and milk together til smooth and spread over the cake.

Place in fridge to set.